Our Products
In the framework of the effort that TASA is making to improve nutrition in Peru, we produce quality foods with a high nutritional value and rich in Omega-3. In this manner, we contribute to improving the malnutrition rates in Peru and in the world.  
  • Fishmeal
    Our high technology equipment and standardized processes transform the anchovy into high quality fish meal.
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  • Fish Oil
    We comply with the strictest international quality controls in all stages and processes that convert our oil into a nutritional ingredient with great value for the feeding of aquaculture species and human consumption. 
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  • Refined and Concentrated Oil
    Through the Omega Business Unit, we bring to the world the benefits of Omega-3 for human health and wellbeing. 
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Nutrition and Health
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    We recognize the importance of the sustainability of the fishing resource as the wealth and heritage of the present and future generation. 
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    We promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement in our processes to raise our efficiency and quality standards, and with the objective of maintaining ourselves as the best producers of fishmeal and fish oil on a global level. 
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  • Sustainability Report
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  • Prizes and awards
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